Sense & Reason

First glimpse of the producer is a self portrait in which the underlying theme is to weigh together or balance. This strikes true as the release of Compendium is a balance of projects gone astray, showcasing an array of styles. This is track XVII.

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The D&T Story

Density & Time


Kevin Friedrichsen is a San Francisco/Bay Area based musician, songwriter, audio engineer, and producer who develops any creative spark into a full fledged flame.

"hip-hop inspired electronic music"

His focus is on creating original compositions for audio-visual works, developing and recording independent artists, in addition to releasing studio albums and performing live under the name Density & Time. Compendium, his second full-length recording, was released in October 2012 and he is gearing up for a new release by the end of 2013.

As a performer, Density & Time couples an abstract visual show with hip-hop inspired electronic music. For his Density & Time project, Friedrichsen references an array of genres and is himself a multi-instrumentalist, seamlessly swapping hats from producer to performer, songwriter to engineer.


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Commercial Projects

Is available for composition, pre and post production, producing, performing live as well as any other creative ventures. Rates are project based. Please inquire.

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